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Dale Cardin
writes a little software, reads a bit, listens to music a lot, and occasionally goes out running
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Welcome to the website!  My idea going forward is to try to add interesting content, to tinker with the website support code and underlying technology, and of course to have fun in doing it.   But let me allow a picture do the talking for a moment.  The wonderful cartoon below is my absolute all-time favorite on the theme of software development, my livelihood.   It's all there, the drama and excitement of scrambling madly to stave off obsolescence, extinction, bankruptcy, and disaster.  Oh yeah, it's been real fun!
The cartoon appeared sometime in the mid-1980's in "Programmer's Journal", one of the early generation of computer technical magazines. I don't know the name of "SiK!" the cartoonist, and the magazine of course disappeared a long time ago. But this one cartoon lives on, and as far as I'm concerned, it says it all.  And it's just beautifully drawn.  The original copy hung in my office at home for many years before I finally scanned it into electronic form.  Now it's going to be the centerpiece of this website's home page, for all time.  Can't replace it, or improve it.  Gotta like it!
Thanks for visiting the site.  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to Contact Dale.
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