Category 5 World News Alert! The slogan "Keep Portland Weird" took on new meaning today when it was officially confirmed that Dale & Marny have now actually moved to the City of Roses.  With lock, stock, and barrel crammed into the back of their Jeep, the longtime California residents hit the 101 freeway and drove north, reportedly arriving in the Portland area on or about December 13, 2011.  The weather was clear, and Mt. Hood could be seen in the distance.  Such was the scene as a new phase of "OccupyPortland" quietly began.   So far, there have been no major repercussions.  You heard it first here on TLNN, the Total Leisure News Network. 
League of
We Moved to Portland
For a long time, they said they might -- and finally, one day, they did.   What's next is anyone's guess!
Late in 2011, Dale & Marny moved to Portland, Oregon.   This is their story.
Where We Live &
Things We've Seen
First Visit
Condo Building
Our Condo
The View from Here
West Side Neighborhoods
Washington Park
Japanese Garden
The Willamette Riverfront
Columbia River Gorge

Mount Hood, as seen on a clear and sunny day from the hills of Washington Park.
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