Favorite "Kernel-Mode Developer" Screen Shots
depicting the trials and tribulations of a Windows kernel mode software developer
Scanned this image entitled "Tattoo Man's Battle" by Japanese artist Hisashi Tenmyouya off the Art pages of the NY Times.  The original painting was part of a show of foreign artists at the Whitney Museum, the theme of which was "images of the US as seen from abroad".  A number of them weren't entirely positive, including this amazingly brilliant one featuring an ancient knight on horseback confronted by a huge and powerful monster.  His chances at this point look pretty grim.  I immediately connected this with the often seemingly hopeless position of the Windows NT device driver developer in the face of the dangers and uncertainty facing him in the NT kernel space. He is confronted by the awesome "Blue Sword" of Death (aka the "BSOD").   Note: I don't know what the Japanese characters in the image are saying.  Hopefully, they're not too rude.  A little rude is Ok.  And now we have the $64 question: "Who or what does the monster really represent, in the mind of the artist?"  Gee, I dunno...
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