Favorite "Kernel-Mode Developer" Screen Shots
depicting the trials and tribulations of a Windows kernel mode software developer
Here's another image (like the previous one) inspired by the science fiction novel "The Night Land" by William Hope Hodgson.  The story of the "Night Land" takes place in the very distant future after the Sun has died, leaving the Earth plunged into near-total darkness (residual volcanic activity and uncanny evil spirits being the only remaining sources of light).  The one (known) surviving outpost of humanity is a single giant all-metal building called the "Great Redoubt".  The final generations of humanity live on in this humongous several-thousand-story building, surrounded by strange beings, demons, and darkness.  The image below is a map (by an author unknown to me) of the environs of the Great Redoubt.  Prominent among the monsters surrounding the building are the five "Watchers", mountain-sized, very slow moving, but relentlessly encroaching the final home of humanity.  Things are bleaker than bleak in this dark and oppressive world (kind of like the Windows kernel environment on a really bad day, I tend to think).
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