Favorite "Kernel-Mode Developer" Screen Shots
depicting the trials and tribulations of a Windows kernel mode software developer
As with the previous image, I've forgotten where on the Internet I found these amazing images in the Aztec style.  They aren't historical, but were done by a contemporary artist whose name I do not know.  But the way this two-headed serpent spreads across the image to block any passage through or around them reminded me at once of the Windows NT kernel, where the hapless developer often finds himself caught between two unpleasant alternatives: to "deadlock" or "crash".  If you try to be "too safe", an i/o deadlock is often the result, but if you play it "fast and loose" you're often just one small step from a system crash -- another BSOD coming at ya.  That's what immediately came to mind on seeing these marvelous figures.  "Have a nice day?"  Fuggedaboudit!


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